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Infinite Crystals & Beauty

Protection Mani

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F off Mani

This maybe a cute mani but don’t let looks deceive you! This is one powerful man.
This man will protect and love you, give you strength in ways you will not believe, when someone hurts you the mirrors allow the power to be thrown back on the person harder!

Infused with

Black Tourmaline
Auralite 23
Rose quartz

And Black protection salt, along with some secret herbs !

All on a keyring to carry with u on your keys..

* warning not for children
* If your mirrors fall off the mani has been hurt and either needs to be sent back for a cleanse protection or you may need a new one as he’s done his job.. cleanse protection service fee is $20 per mani✨

Please not that all manis may come in different colours and shapes and also take up to 14days to be custom made for you ✨