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MOOD Salt Spray 200ml

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MOOD Salt Spray is a texturising salt spray with a light hold factor of 1. this product helps create beach waves for an out-of-the-water look gives hair a thick, full feeling.

This product is vegan-friendly.

Ideal for whoever wants to create their own wavy or “on the beach” uncombed look.

Key Features:

The formula is enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions typical of the product:

  • Fixing polymers: coat the hair to define beach waves
  • Salts: help to define the waves in the hair.
  • UV sunscreen: protects from damage caused by the sun’s rays and by coating the hair helps to contrast damage from UV rays.

Claim: Dermatologically tested, paraben free


Spray on damp or dry hair and shape freehand, as you like.