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Mood Cell Force Shampoo 400ml

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FRAGILE, WEAK OR THINNING HAIR? MOOD Anti Hair Loss is the solution: two products to counteract hair loss thanks to an important technological innovation.

Clinically Tested.

What is it? Shampoo for fragile or thinning hair

Why use it? Enriched with vitamin PP to promote keratin synthesis and Acai extract with anti-oxidant action. 

Extra Tip: Use once a day for 1 month for intense treatment and one a week for 1-2 months for maintenance.

This product is vegan-friendly.


Ideal for: Fragile, weakened and thinning hair.  Used together with Cell Force Shampoo it enhances its effectiveness


Directions for use:
8 pumps (about 1,6 ml of product) which is equal to about 33 applications. For hair that is thick, application can be increased to approximately 15 pumps (3ml) because the hair will absorb some of the product. In this case there will be 33 applications per bottle.


Enriched with

  1. A derivative of glycosylated larch, which stimulates stem-cell activity inside the hair follicle.
  2. Green tea extract, which inhibits the release of the inflammation factor linked to hair loss.
  3. Zinc, which increases the incorporation of cysteine into the hair proteins.
  4. Arginine with moisturizing and conditioning properties. It is indicated for dry and especially sensitive scalp.
  5. Vitamin PP with its antioxidant action, increases keratin production, stimulates ceramide synthesis and has an anti-inflammatory action.

Claim: Dermatologically tested, paraben free