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Celestite Heart Crystal Cluster.

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This stunning just over 1.1 kg heart is an impeccable statement piece.

Celestite is best used as a focus point of meditation, prayer, or mindfulness. This stone does very well as a visual piece in private space used for mindfulness practice.


Celestite works most closely with the third eye chakra, also known as Anja. This chakra is connected to wisdom, understanding, and elevated levels of consciousness.

 Celestite's power to promote better sleep, so keep the crystal on your nightstand for sweet, serene dreams. Conscious Items also recommends keeping celestite under your pillow for perfect rest night after night.


This amazing Blue Celestite Heart Crystal Cluster captures the beauty of Blue Celestite in the shape of a heart. Clusters are a group of crystals connected together to form the one beautiful piece. Clusters have great healing and cleansing qualities to clear and regenerate energies. Use Clusters to lift the positive energy within your home or office.


Celestite is a calming and relaxing stone that is perfect for meditation. It helps to clear the mind allowing you to make rational decisions. Celestite assists in conflict resolution, reveals truth and attracts good fortune. It aids creative expression, enhances clear speech, dream recall and promotes a higher state of awareness.


Chakra: Throat, Third Eye


Best For: Calming, Creativity, Tension, Fortune.

Height 12cm  width 12cm  depth 3cm