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Barber Jack Spray Bottle Grey 300ml

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The Barber Jack Spray Bottle comes in a Whiskey style bottle. It offers superb function as well as its design.

With such a fabulous look, it will blend well with your salon or barbershop interior decor. So easy to use as you need to add water and press to let the bottle work for you. It’s suitable to spray a large variety of barber spray liquids except for aerosol type lacquer.

It’s a convenient tool to work with, with a good grip that helps to hold the spray steady easy. Its spray cap is inclined at an angle. When using, all you need to do is place it your desired position. The Barber Jack Spray Bottle Grey 300ml is one of the best and can spray super fine liquid. The trigger of the Barber Jack Spray Bottle is very effective and responsive. It’s container size is about 300ml.

Key Features

  • It comes in a Whiskey style bottle shape
  • It has a tight spray cap that sprays superfine liquid
  • Comes with a convenient hand trigger
  • 300ml bottle size
  • Available in colours Grey and Brown and sizes 300ml and 400ml

Is The Barber Jack Spray Bottle For You?

  • Looking for a small compact and efficient spray bottle? Look no further. This is the product for you.
  • Love gimmicks that make you look good while doing your work? Then you need this aesthetically pleasing bottle.
  • You love to have one on one conversations with your customers? This is a great ice breaker.


  • Wash bottle and rinse properly with warm water
  • Fill with water or other intended liquids
  • Spray at an angle.